Friday, March 25, 2005

Mommy, Who's Terry?
"Mommy, who's this person Terry?" asked snicholson of snichols on a hike in the Nisene Forest near Santa Cruz today.

"Terry? Terry?" said snichols.

"Terry! The person Congress kept talking about on the Daily Show--'Terry. Terry. Terry.'"

"Hmmm, was it that guy that used to play Produce Pete that left and now is back and has some big show?" snichols wondered.

"No! Terry! that Congress was talking about!" screamed snicholson, totally frustrated with his clueless mother.

Suddenly it hit her.

"Oh! Terry! Terry is the person who Congress won't let die."

And then snichols had to explain the whole thing. The feeding tube and all the people who care about Terry, the husband, the mother...Congress.

He thought it was so dumb.

"That's ridiculous. They should just do what her husband thinks. Doesn't he know best?" he added.

"Congress," said snichols,

"has no respect for the sanctity of marriage."

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