Friday, November 01, 2013

Obamacare Up & Running in California despite media reports--what questions can I answer for you?

I keep meaning to let folks know that despite media reports about the feds, the California version of Obamacare, "Covered California," appears to be up and running and doing well.  Here's an article in Health Line that gives more details about that--"Covered California seeing Fewer Problems Than Federal Health Exchange" .

In the meantime, folks have until March of 2013 (the feds extended it, which was the right thing to do, despite rightwing criticism).

Look, I'm a lifelong single payer supporter but I spent the past two years working to implement this law and I'm intimately familiar with the California version.  I've spent some time poking around on the Covered California website the past couple of weeks and looking at what they're offering.    The bottom line is that if you're uninsured in California and even vaguely struggling to make ends meet, there's a decent chance you're eligible for free, extremely low cost or affordable coverage.

Don't let the right or the left-wing fear machines intimidate you from actually buying affordable health care coverage while you can--these subsidies have a shelf life, they are only fully funded for 3 years.   Particularly tell the young adults you know and the people not quite old enough for Medicare or needing "gap" coverage to check it out.

I am happy to answer questions.  At the moment, no one is paying me to have a particular opinion on health care so this is just me trying to be helpful.  Just contact me through whatever way you get this posting.

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