Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sacramento's best toy stores may be in Old Sacramento

This was prematurely published the first time:
Every year I have the joy of remembering how fun it is to do Christmas shopping in Old Sacramento.  It's definitely not just for t-shirts and toffee and hasn't been for years.  In particular, I think the best toy stores in the city are there.  Every year I vow to blog about them in November so that people remember to shop there and instead I find myself telling you with only 7 shopping days left.

Every toy store in Old Sac is going to beat the heck out of Toys R Us or KB Toys which only carry the mainest of mainstream corporate choices.

There are 3 main toy stores in Old Sac: 
Old City Kites
Fun and Games in Old Sacramento 
G. Willikers! Toy Emporium

I find jewels in all three.  In addition to kites and puzzles, Old City Kites has awesome games and stocking stuffers--really fun jokes and pranks (although Evangeline's in Old Sac has those too) and just stuff you would never find elsewhere.  Fun and Games is better for older kids and adults--the games are incredibly wonderful though.  Definitely cutting edge.  Excellent craft packages if you're into that.  Also very good stocking stuffers--hardware puzzles of screws and bolts to untangle--great!

But the one I most consistently find stuff for my elementary age nieces and nephews (and when they were younger) is G. Willikers!  which is a larger, beautiful store--special emphasis on trains and Thomas, a great place to bring kids because it's so fascinating and they carry a lot of great games, toys, dolls, stocking stuffers.  Love that place!

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