Thursday, December 03, 2009

Great gift idea/One Place Business is Booming

My brother in Oakland turned me onto this microloan organization called Kiva. I figured that by sending them a donation I was doing a good deed, funding microloans for the purchase of a chicken, goat, sewing machine or the like in developing nations.

Well, I was wrong, turns out I was picking one of the most solid investments around today. I donated $50 last December and have received a staggering $200 in dividends to date. What the hell kind of usurious rates are they charging? I don't understand. But turns out there was never a boom in the developing nations so there's not a bust. Sometimes I turn around and reinvest, sometimes I give it to someone else to play with. I mean this is where you should put your savings! Plus you literally can see pictures of the people you're helping and choose which loan you fund. It's really fun. Great gift idea, buy boom stock and help people!

Go to today!

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snichols said...

I'm going to comment on my own post--how lame is that? A friend wrote me privately that Kiva is not an investment and that he thinks I may be wrong. Or at least, his experience has been different Well, what has been happening then? Why do I keep getting $50 back? I've given away like $100 of it and it keeps coming so it's not just my principal back. I'm confused.