Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Watch Obama's New Hampshire Primary Speech

Listen, I haven't weighed in lately on the Presidential campaign, or anything. Frankly, I've been preoccupied by a health crisis in our son. When he's really sick, I have trouble doing anything extra. So I've kept, up, but not in my thoughts to you.

It's okay that I'm behind because I'd rather not tell you, in the few days before the South Carolina primary, how I'm feeling about my man John Edwards' chances. I'd rather not tell you that on Sunday my son, now well, used some of his newfound energy to paste an Obama bumpersticker over the Edwards one on our family car and I let him do it.

Instead, I'll ask you to watch Obama's speech after the New Hampshire primary, if you haven't already and tell me what you think/thought.



Vigilante said...

I am glad you are so responsive and attentive to your son, Sara. I agree with him, too. BTW,
here is someone else who recently changed her mind.

snichols said...

That's a cool video. People should watch that. BTW, he may be sick again, too soon to tell. Sara

Vigilante said...

Good thoughts, headed his way.