Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Edwards Fans: Time to Get Serious about Obama

The party's over, Edwards supporters. It's time to switch your allegiance to Obama, fast and furious.

I know Edwards says he's still in it, but it's clear that at this point he's not in it to win. He's in it to "make a difference" and to have delegates to broker at a convention. That's nice for Edwards, but it's a 1960 strategy in a 2008 election.

Listen, the 2 and a half people who read this blog know that I've been all out for Edwards. Heck, I even seriously considered driving to Reno to canvass for him in the Nevada caucuses. If that ain't commitment, I don't know what is.

John Edwards has already made a big difference in this election. If it weren't for Edwards' candidacy, there's no question that neither Obama nor Clinton would be talking as much as about poverty, the need for health care reform, or many meat and potato issues of concern to working class Americans. In particular, Obama seems to have adopted a muted version of Edwards' critique of money in politics. Granted, Obama focuses on lobbyists rather than corporations, but it's the same meme.

I supported Edwards because I thought he was the Democratic candidate for president who was the most progressive person with the best chance of winning in the general election. Now that it's clear that Edwards won't win the primary, his "electability" in the general is a moot point.

The race has narrowed to two people: Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Of the two, the one who can and should win is Obama. Obama's voting record in Congress (and the Illinois state legislature) is pretty consistently progressive and effective. While not in Congress at the beginning, he was against the war from the start. More and more I hear Republicans and other swing voters who wouldn't be caught dead voting for Hillary being inspired by Obama.

Obama is inspiring. He's his own man. Inspite of and because of his unique background, he has the ability to appeal to broad cross sections of the American public. He is the best man for the job and the only Democrat poised to win in November.


beak said...

i'm just commenting because no 1 else does

davidinla said...

Snichols, ol' gal, I've crossed over to Obama myself. He's the only one left to move the Progressive agenda forward and I truly think he can bring in the young 'un and the DTS's.

Chuck: Class of 88 and beyound said...


This has been a scary political season as I've found myself agreeing with many of your political insights. Until now, maybe. Despite my status WNY Party apparatchik, I quietly support Edwards with some cash. And now with his withdrawal, I'm torn.

I like Obama, but I really believe that Hilary is best prepared for the Whitehouse, that is the dismantling of the Republican party apparatus from the Federalist Society neo-con infestation.
On the other hand, Obama is the Dem's answer to Reagan, that is a Gret Communicator.

But with lack of background on his policies, one is left to wonder what direction he will take once he reaches across the aisle.

Will he rally use his Bully-Pulpit to institute universal healthcare?

Will he be able to face up to the generals' war machine to get us out of the Middle-east?

I've always like Hilary when i've seen her speak. Unfortunately on the stump she shows little of the compassionate personality and brilliance she shows in person. And i've got to say that i'm really disappointed in her campaign so far,e specially her triangulation on the war.

At this moment, I am certifiably undecided. Perhaps I'll just close my eyes on Tuesday.