Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Why Kerry will Win
Okay, this'll be one of those little headlines I stand a decent chance of wincing about next year, but here's what comes to me like a flash when I watch these candidates on the trail: Kerry wants to win and Bush doesn't.

Really. Yesterday, while I watched clips from Bush on the stump, I thought: this man hates his job. He doesn't want to win. Oh, he likes airforce one and all the good golfing trips, but the campaign is seriously cutting into his vacation schedule and it's become a pain.

And then when you look at Kerry you see utter utter determination, focus, force of will. This man is in the fight of his life and he refuses to lose.

And then today Randi Rhodes reads this clip on Air America Radio from Capitol Hill Blue--a mudslinging websheet of some sort--which reports Bush's Erratic Behavior Worries White House Aides--read this! If anything in here is to believed (actually, upon closer inspection, this little piece is 2 months old--why was RR only just reading it today? and why hasn't this blog been updated lately? and some of it contradicts my initial thesis, but heck read it anyway, it's awfully fun).

Bottom line: Bush is losin' it, people. He needs to be sedated and taken to a quiet place, not re-elected. For God's sake, if you love the President, get him help!

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