Monday, August 23, 2004

Hoping for disappointment
Drew Liebert lifted my spirits with this (seemingly continually updated) electoral math website. When you look at it you can't help but believe that John Kerry is going to win (even if you factor for the obvious flaw of counting states that their listed polls show are statistical dead heats as "Barely Kerry").

Anecdotally, I believe that people are starting to think that Kerry can and will win--and as a result, some of them are starting to panic. I'm getting a lot of comments like, I wonder if I really want him to win, maybe there's no difference between the two candidates and why did he say he would've voted for the war powers act? and won't he just disappoint us anyway?

My thoughts are that a) there's a world of difference between the two candidates on almost every issue, just sadly not enough on the vital issue of the war and b) he should repudiate the war powers act and c) let's pray, really pray people, that he disappoints us.

Why should we pray for disappointment? Because if we're disappointed, it'll mean 2 things: 1) Kerry got elected and 2) we had hope.

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