Monday, June 14, 2004

Run, Dennis, Run!
Okay, so I was phonebanked by the Dennis Kucinich for President campaign last night. Apparently, the campaign is really picking up steam. Dennis just won a primary last week and has picked up 2 more delegates.

Maybe my friends are right, maybe I've just become too mainstream, because I could barely keep from laughing at the well-intentioned phonebanker with a surprisingly good rap--at the end of the call, I complemented her on her pointless message and she said, "yeah, I give good phone." (maybe once the campaign raps up, she can make a little more money with that skill on a 900 number...)

Anyway, Dennis wants you to sign all these excellent petitions to pressure Kerry and the Democratic party at the convention. I signed all of them except the one to create a "Department of Peace"--it's probably a great idea but it just read a little too loony-tunes for me.

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