Thursday, June 03, 2004

Rudolf's Diner
Read my Eye on the Pie column, in this, the 2-year anniverary issue of Rudolf's Diner and read Rudolf's Diner. I'm so proud of my the editor, my baby brother Evan Nichols. This 'zine gets better every issue.

And, if you're Dan Weintraub, read the answer to your unanswered question.

One Less Tenet
I know you're all wondering what my reaction is to Tenet's resignation. It's this: about darn time. For years Tenet has mislead and taken advantage of the American public. We deserve better.

That's why I go to UC Davis Medical Center...


Apparently not that Tenet.

It was that other guy, the one that Al Gore, Bob Graham, Bill Clinton and Mario Cuomo laud as a decent, honest, public servant.

Nah, he's a crook. He's gotta go. But keep Tenet Health, so we have one Tenet left to hate.

If you don't know what's despicable about our remaining Tenet, read California Nurse's Association's Tenet (Heathcare Systems) Watch.