Sunday, April 18, 2004

My First Blog Ever

Aha! Almost a year after my last birthday when my brother suggested I create a Blog, I create one. Wow. Here I am. My very own blog.

Checkout my picture in today's Sacramento Bee front page of Metro section story "Broadway Plan Raises Hackles."

It's an okay picture--I made sure I stood slightly behind the guys in front of me to minimize my hips--but I'm listed as "President" of the Southside Park Neighborhood Association, which I'm not. I'm the "chair." This may strike you as a distinction without a difference, but it has resonance in my community.

Anyway, I'm glad Terri Hardy wrote the article. The surrounding neighborhoods to Broadway in Sacramento are concerned about the apparent interest of our City Councilmember in giving control of the revitalization of this strip to business interests, to the disadvantage of neighborhood groups.

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