Thursday, April 29, 2004

Highway 37 Big Truck Blues
After 4 days of keeping 20 eight & nine year olds from killing themselves or each other in the wilds of Marin County, they all nearly perished today on Highway 37 when a super long truck lost control and toppled over crushing a 4 by 4 and disabling our bus full of sunburnt, happy kids watching "Piglet avoids the death penalty" yet again on video.

Miraculously, the children and the truck driver are safe and sound. Even the driver of the 4X4 is alive and not in critical condition according to a woman wearing butterfly glasses, thick makeup and a sequined bodice sent out by the bus company's insurance carrier (the woman, not the bodice).

As I return, Bill reports that Karl Rove has, apparently successfully, got Kerry on the defensive by going for the jugular--what's unimpeachable about Kerry is his war record--attack the war record. You see, you not only sell by the weakest attribute, you attack the opponent's strongest attribute. It's brilliant and insidious and shouldn't win, unless Kerry takes the bait--which he seems to be.

Louis Armstrong ain't got nothin' on this scat...
More tomorrow after sleep and no morning filled with camp songs. Although I did like this one:

It starts with an "S"
And it ends with a "T"

It comes out of you
And it comes out of me.

I know what you're thinking,
but don't call it that.

Be scientific,
and call it "scat"

It was a piece of scat!
Piece. of. scat.

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