Saturday, October 08, 2016

Trump & Clinton "Live" on Sunday Mornings with me through Nov. 8

So guess who dropped by Sunday service recently, wanting some major love?  That's how it is.  We come into a church broken down by the troubles of the world, wondering if there is anyway to find peace and love in spite of what is happening?

But seriously, we have been having a beautiful time loving up our next President.  Hillary and Donald are appearing "live"* at the Center for Spiritual Living, Davis every Sunday morning through election day.

We kicked this off on Sunday, September 11th because we wanted our next president to be loved and not hated.  We conducted a special ritual where we wrote down everything we hate about Clinton and Trump and then saw where that applied to ourselves.  It was very powerful to see that I am just as human as they and that most things I hate about them, I also hate about myself.

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