Saturday, September 15, 2012

Apples and Cackling in Sebastopol Today

5 enthusiastic snouts up for my trip to visit my friends in Sebastopol.  Despite trying to fill every minute of my weekend with purposeful activity, the fates conspired to ground me at my friends' extraordinary estate in Sebastopol with "nothing to do" today and without my husband and children.  It was, as you would expect, terrible.

I spent the morning vigorously shaking the branches of the endangered Gravenstein Apple trees, liberating dried oregano from copious stalks, and chasing cats and dogs from sunny perches, in a spectacular spread on the edge of Sebastopol.

This followed by removing leaves from the swimming pool, 20 minutes of exercise swimming, and lounging in the sun eating salad.

The afternoon brought a long nap and an hour's walk into town followed by an attempt to boost the local economy in several small shops.

Evening was shopping and fighting about food and laughter with my mom--that's fighting about laughter, by the way, which I've never fought about before--she hates how loud I cackle.  It sets off some sort of PTSD.

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