Friday, May 13, 2011

(:)(:)(:)(:) for Jesus Hopped the A Train

Four enthusiastic snouts up for Jesus Hopped the A Train written by Stephen Adly Guirgis and directed by Stephanie Gularte now performing at the Capitol Stage in Old Sacramento aboard the Delta King.

I don't have time for the details this deserves. This play, set entirely in a New York prison, circles around Angel, a young Puerto Rican accused of murder, who unintentionally killed a cult leader, his over jealous white public defender Mary Jane Hanrahan and his relationship with black fellow prisoner Lucius Jenkins, a charismatic reformed drug addict and serial killer.

The beautifully written, acted and directed play grapples with themes of God, redemption, justice and the nature of evil. As one of my fellow season ticket owners put it, some of the monologues sound almost more like "rap poetry" than theater--a reflection of how amazing the writing is. The 3 equity leads are outstanding and entirely credible in their roles.

It's only playing for the next 2 weeks--click on the Capital Stage link for tickets--here.

This season at Capital Stage has been better than ever, cementing it as by far the best professional theater company in Sacramento, headed by Stephanie Gularte and her partner Jonathon Williams. The enter 5 play season ticket subscriber rates are less than you could pay for one ticket to the Berkeley Repertory Theater and now there is no need to leave town for top quality theater--although of course the production values--i.e., stagecraft, is somewhat less than the budget at the rep allows.

Cap Stage moves into a new midtown space in the old Armory on J Street in the fall--my advice--buy season tickets now. Sorry B Street, and Sacramento Theater Company, the vehicles you choose and the way you direct them are just not in the same league.

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Jayne_SFT said...

Sara, you are so right. Capital Stage puts together fantastic theatre on a consistent basis.