Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Looking for Work is Humbling

It's a humbling experience to look for a job, even in my sector where there are lots of 'em. I am filled with compassion for everyone who is looking, or has given up looking.

I'm in such a good situation: I have lots of skills and experience as a lobbyist, a legislative staffer, a communications and media director and a public interest advocate trained as a lawyer and there are lots of jobs in Sacramento for lobbyists, legislative aides, committee consultants, government and media affairs directors. I have good friends, some of them well-placed to help me, and they are. Still, I'm amazed to find the range of emotions that flood me as I go through the relatively enjoyable task of talking to friends, circulating my resume, and applying for positions.

Is it just me who thinks that when someone rejects me for a position they're rejecting me personally (instead of just finding the best fit for their organization)? On the job, I almost never tire of peddling my wares. The policy positions I have advanced can and have been rejected by senators, congressmen, assembly members and governors and the like and I soldier on taking relatively little of it personally. Deny me a job on the other hand, and I may spend a good hour feeling like there is something wrong with me (down from weeks/months years ago).

I know that millions of Americans are not only being turned down for work, but worse, finding that there isn't any and losing heart and faith. The truth is that there is more than enough that needs to be done and more than enough resources to do it all. The trick is bringing enough consciousness to bear to shift match the resources to the work. In the meantime, I plan to pray for full employment for all daily.

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