Monday, June 21, 2010

Sacramento 2 Vegas--Road Trip Day 1--ex post facto

Road trip day 1, the kids and I depart Sacramento for Las Vegas, NV. Long day, leaving at 8am arriving 6pm with few stops. We stay at Circus Circus hotel on the far end of the strip--$23 a night on expedia and worth every penny (but not more). The entire hotel common areas reek of cigarette smoke. The carpet is ancient. It takes 20-30 minutes to get from our hotel room to the front of the hotel.

But the room is clean and serviceable and quiet. There is no smoke detectable there. There is s large roller coaster inside the hotel. Did I mention it costs $23?

From there we run/walk a mile plus to dinner reservations at Tacqueria Canonita alongside a canal at the Venetian. The kids love the fake outdoor setting (somewhat reminiscient of the Pirates of the Caribbean restaurant at Disneyland). The thing is the food is actually excellent. E's enchiladas are to die for. N's steak is fabulous. My fish and pineapple tacos are super tasty. It costs $70 for the 3 of us, considered a deal for such a meal.

From there we plow across the street to the Mirage. It's dark now and we ooh and aah as we go. None of us have ever seen the strip at night before. (no not me either, unless I was a small child and don't remember it). We watch Love the Beatles Cirque du Soleil show at the Mirage (totally sold out to a huge crowd at 9:30pm).

It is amazing! A must see. (:)(:)(:)(:)(:) I honestly don't know when I've seen a better show of anything ever. The combination of acrobatics, costumes, staging, dance set and most of all previously unreleased Beatles studio recordings music is unparalleled. I loved every minute of it even though I was dog tired and I'd like to see it like 10 more times.

Vegas was way too much. Too much people. Too much lights. Too much money. Too much everything. I wasn't unhappy to leave after less than 24 hours there but I also wish I had a week there (at a quiet hotel near but not on the strip). The kids loved it and I'd like to let them explore all the other things they wanted to see.

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