Thursday, April 01, 2010

Day 3--San Francisco

Well, this is much later but we took Alcatraz Cruise to Alcatraz and then to Angel Island. Expensive ($50 each) but worth it unless you have a cheaper way to Alcatraz. Highly recommend the audio tour of the prison--like a 3 dimensional Ken Burns PBS documentary having real ex-guards order you around and real ex-cons tell it like it is. The live guide we had telling us about the only "successful" escape was fun and competent but milked it too much and we had to mock him afterwards.

Angel Island is so beautiful--did you know that if you camp there you and the 20 or so other people have that whole huge island to yourself after the ferries stop running (which is like 4 or 5) until morning--wicked cool! probably also freezing year round. We did the tour in a open air bus around the island--very interesting history.

Dinner at Il Pollaio on Columbus in North Beach--seriously awesome roast chicken marred this time only slightly by the drunk insane woman that was stalking us and that I made the mistake of blowing kisses to.

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