Thursday, June 09, 2005

The Assembly Democrats are Worse than Ever

I don't have the energy to do it justice, but you all should know that the Democrats in the California State Assembly have been acting up big time again in the past 2 weeks--they're worse than ever and it's just not tolerable.

Last week most notably they joined with Republicans to kill (by refusing to vote for) bills that would have allowed communities to bring a private right of action against polluters for environmental hazards, made it more difficult for corporations to hide their misdoings behind secret settlement agreements and killed many other environmental bills. They even made it tough for bills favored by labor unions to get off the Assembly floor, and not for any noble reason, just stubborn closeness with the Chamber of Commerce.

Forget about being politically savvy enough to put Schwarzenegger on the hot seat with environmental and consumer bills--these guys know where their bread is buttered and it ain't by their constituents, it's by their contributors. They don't want to cede credit for the kill to the Governor--they can terminate people's rights with the best of 'em.

Some of the worst offenders are the Assemblymembers below, if you live in one of their districts, call and complain--I'll give you the number if you don't have it--and vote against them in the next primary:

Joseph Canciamilla--east east bay
Alberto Torrico--Fremont
Barbara Matthews--Stockton
Juan Arambula--Fresno
Lois Wolk--Davis
Nicole Parra--Bakersfield
Joe Coto--San Jose
Rebecca Cohn--Silicon valley
Jerome Horton--Inglewood
Edward Chavez--San Gabriel valley
Carol Liu--Pasadena
Hector De La Torre--east LA
Rudy Bermudez--Norwalk
Ronald Calderon--LA
Juan Vargas--South San Diego
Gloria Negrete McLeod--Ontario
Joe Baca Jr.--San Bernardino

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Trent Lange, CA Clean Money said...

"... these guys know where their bread is buttered and it ain't by their constituents, it's by their contributors."

Sounds like California needs Clean Money public financing of campaigns!